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Here for You, From One Generation to the Next

After spending more than 40 years in business together, and as a third-generation practice, Beacon Financial’s advisors understand the value of planning for longevity. We believe that wealth is a horizon, not a number. And we’re dedicated to guiding our clients to their ideal wealth horizon, which is not months out but years out.

When working toward your own financial horizon, having a knowledgeable, dependable partner to guide you can make all the difference. At Beacon Financial, our multi-generational practice gives us valuable perspective on all stages of life and a long runway to serve our clients and their children. Additionally, because of our advisors’ close relationships and family ties, we’re here to stay. You can trust that our team will be here for the long run. We are positioned to help you build the wealth and form the strategies you need to maintain your comfortable lifestyle throughout retirement and provide for the next generation in your family.

Thoughtful, Panoramic Planning for Optimized Planning

Thoughtful, Panoramic Planning for Optimized Planning

We specialize in providing financial and investment advice, but our expertise extends far beyond managing your market returns. Through our comprehensive process and thorough risk assessment, we’ll ensure that your complete financial picture is thoughtfully coordinated, streamlined and optimized for the lifestyle you desire.

Accessible & Relational Service for Timely, Personalized Advice

Accessible & Relational Service for Timely, Personalized Advice

One of the hallmarks of our firm is our accessibility and commitment to relational service. When you join the Beacon Financial family, you’ll connect with an advisor who is readily available, both night and day, and who genuinely cares about you, your family, your confidence and your comfort.

Our Core Values

Service & Accessibility

We are committed to relational service and accessibility. Because we know and care about our clients, their financial questions and concerns should never keep them up at night. 

Integrity & Transparency

We are an open book, especially when it comes to the costs of our services. We are upfront and transparent about what clients can expect, so they’ll never encounter any surprises. 

Generational Perspective

As a firm with multi-generational experience, we focus on longevity. When it comes to investing for our clients, we view wealth along a horizon for predictability over the long-term.

Panoramic Planning

The nuances of finance go far beyond managing market returns. Our comprehensive process assesses risk to ensure your complete picture is updated, streamlined and well-positioned.

Centralized Planning & Coordination for Complete Alignment 

Centralized Planning & Coordination for Complete Alignment 

Here at Beacon Financial, we take a proactive role in making your financial life more comfortable and simplified. We act as a central hub, coordinating with your attorney, CPA and other advisors to ensure your plans are congruent and optimized to support and maintain your desired lifestyle.

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Parent Company: Cetera Financial Group

Our Custodian: Pershing

Our Approach

Your family is your most valued asset. That’s why we take a family-centered approach to your wealth, with long term and generational perspectives.

Our Approach

Our Team

We are a multi-generational practice leveraging multiple perspectives to work toward predictability for your wealth horizon, both today and in retirement.

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Our Services

Our financial services are designed to simplify and centralize financial planning so you can live the lifestyle you want as you move to and through retirement.

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